Department of Panchakarma

Sl. No Name Designation Qualification Date of Birth Date of effective Advice of KPSC Date of Commencement Of continuous service Date of appointment to the present post
Gerneral Special
1. Dr. K. Ravisankaran Associate Professor BAM M.D. (Ay) Manasika (Different) 15-08-1957 23-06-1989 12-07-1989 28-03-2009
2. Dr. Seena.S (Posted on work arrangement from Govt. Ayurveda College Kannur) Associate Professor BAMS M.D (Ay) Kayachikitsa (Allied) 20-05-1968 22-03-1996 02-05-1996 25-09-2012
2. Dr..Remya Vijayan Assistant Professor
(On contract)
BAMS MD-Panchakarma 20.5.1983 22-03-1996 3/8/2012 25-09-2012