Department of Salakyatantra

Sl. No Name Designation Qualification Date of Birth Date of effective Advice of KPSC Date of Commencement Of continuous service Date of appointment to the present post
Gerneral Special
1. Dr. C. Sindhu Professor BAMS MD (Ay) Salakyatantra (Concerned Subject) 31-05-1966 18-12-1995 16-06-2009
2 Dr. Jeeja Sasi Lecturer BAMS MD (Ay) Drayaguanam Vijnanam 29-05-1974 17-04-2006 03-03-2007 03-03-2007
3 Dr. Sreekumar.K Lecturer BAMS 1.MS(Ay) Salakyatantra (Concerned Subject) 2.Ph.D Salakyatantra 03-03-1976 23-01-2012 16-02-2012 16-02-2012